About AH Financial Consultancy

In the last decade, financial insecurity became the first problem facing everyone, especially students, employees & entrepreneurs worldwide.

However this problem is significantly rising in the MENA region pushing its young population to choose immigration as a solution for their financial problems.

"AH Financial Consultancy" and “Cash Flow Factory”, we believe that the solution must start from providing a perfect Financial Education to our society in order for every individual to find their own financial solutions.

For this matter, we have carefully developed a wide range of Programs and Services tailored for all ages and social classes, to give everyone a clear image on the financial world and not only provide a lifetime solution, but also to shift perspectives and change mindsets.

About Abdallah Harfouch

Abdallah Harfouch is an economist and financial market analyst and founder of AH Financial Consultancy.

He strives to increase the financial literacy rate to support the rise of the entrepreneurship spirit around the world and fight economic mislead.

He believes that improving the overall financial situation starts with each person: his flagship training “How to Manage your Money” aims at improving the relationship of individuals with their finances.