HTMYM is a 16 hours program where you're going to take an honest look at your current financial behavior and determine your 'WHY' for seeking financial evolution. Next, you'll be evaluating your current financial situation by filling out a financial statement. Once you've completed that, you will begin building your own personalized budget to help you get out of debt and begin acquiring assets. Last but not least, it will provide you with information to decide how you are going to get your money working for you rather than working for money.

Detailed outlines and sections of the program are the following:

  1. Know Your Current Situation
    • Unit 1: Your "WHY" & "HOW"?
    • Unit 2: A Financial Statement is your personal story told in numbers
  2. How to get out of Debt
    • Unit 3: Debt: Good or Bad?
  3. How to Save money and why
    • Unit 4: Pay Yourself First & the Real Wage Formula
    • Unit 5: What are Your Financial Goals?
  4. Where to Invest this money and how
    • Unit 6: Different Income Stream
    • Unit 7: The Asset Classes
  5. Practice Session
    • Unit 8: Course Review + Get to Action (Creative Game)