95% of traders lose while trading with Financial Markets Instruments (FX, Derivatives, Stocks, Bonds, etc..) The No.1 reason for this FAILURE is our "Educational Background" when it comes to the "Investment Education".

90% of Trainings and Courses related to Financial Markets focus on 2 main factors:

  1. Fundamental Analysis
  2. Technical Analysis

In Fact, these 2 kinds of Analysis will ONLY help any person to Forecast where the market is likely to go UP or DOWN. We must actually see the big difference between Forecasting & Trading, because anyone can learn Fundamental & Technical Analysis and then will be able forecast the future move of the market, but NOT ANYONE can make the decision to Execute and Trade these forecasts because here you will be in a totally different position where "EMOTIONS" & "STRATEGIES" play a basic & vital role.

So TRADING depends mostly on the following 2 factors:

  1. Emotions & Discipline
  2. Risk Management & Strategies

Having the proper knowledge in the above mentioned 4 pillars of investing will give you the chance to become a successful Trader & Investor so you start Cashing out real Money and Additional Cash Flow to your personal Income Sheet.​

For this purpose, a totally NEW and UNIQUE 54 hours (4 months) Program was released to teach you How to Trade in Financial Markets and specifically in Foreign Exchange (FX).